Catalog Detail - Context

For this feature we are going to show you around adding, viewing and reverting Context for a Catalog Tile.

Context on a Catalog Tile allows you to add a description of what the data means, when it should be used and any other information that would be usefull.

It allows you to add and edit text using a pattern that is similar to using a wiki or a notepad.

Adding Context

To begin with, navigate to the catalog page by clicking on catalog in the bar at the top of the page. Scroll down to the tile that you wish to look at, for this example we are looking at Icealicious Customers.


To view the context of this catalog tile click on the pencil icon. Doing so will open the Catalog Detail page for that tile.


First button to point out is the expand page button, two diagonal arrows pointing opposite directions, in the bottom right corner of the context box. Clicking it will do this.


The next button is the edit button, when you are in the latest context, in the top right hand corner you will see the edit button, click on it to bring up the edit page.


Once you have finished editing, simply click on the x in the top right corner and it will save your changes and create a new Context entry. The date/time you made the change will be visible on the left hand side of the page.

Viewing Context

Now that you have added a new context you will see there are other entries down the left hand side of the context box. These are all the other previous versions of the context that were valid at the time. To view a previous context simply click on one of the dates.


Now you can see the description of the context has changed and the date of the entry has changed.


Revert Context

But what if you make a mistake or accidentally delete everything? Well we have the revert button.


First of all select the entry you wish to revert to from the left hand side. Once you have selected the entry a button labeled ‘revert’ will appear in the top right corner of the box. Select it.

../../_images/image11.png ../../_images/image12.png

A confirmation message will appear, press revert again. Now you can see the Context you wished to revert to is at the top of the left hand side.