Ask ADI Ask ADI data chatbot allows you to ask simple questions, such as “what were our total sales in December 2020” and get the answer based on your data.


Business users often want a quick answer to a question, but they are forced to browse through hundreds of reports that might give them the data they need to answer the question. And even when they find the right report, they often have to apply multiple filters to get the exact answer they need.

That is assuming a report already exists which has the data they need, if it doesn’t they typically have to raise a “ticket” and wait while it is prioritised and the report eventually created.

Ask ADI provides a data chatbot which allows users to ask questions using natural language and get an answer based on the data that is available.


One challenge is that a users questions is often a variation of a question that has been answered before. So while the data is there to support the question, the reports that have been previously created do not present the data in the way the user needs it. Another challenge is that not all users are literate in how to use the organisations reporting tool.

  • Data is often stored and presented using technical names, not business friendly names.

  • Business terms often have multiple names or aliases, for example Sales and Revenue.

  • Dashboards and reports often require a level of data literacy and training to be useful to answer business questions.

  • Dashboards and reports often require multiple clicks to find the data you need to answer your question.

  • There is no easy way to identify the questions people are asking but not getting an answer for, as the data has yet to be collected.


A chatbot called ADI is embedded within the application so users can easily ask a data question whenever they need to, and quickly get the answer they need. uses semantic parsing algorithms for analysing and exploring data using conversation, i.e., doing entity and intent recognition, then mapping these to the underlying data within

A single view of all questions asked is available so the Data Magicians can identify questions which were not answered and then collect and combine data that will answer those questions in the future.

Quote from ADI

In most organisations, when business users need data they request a dashboard or report from the BI team, and it can take days, or even weeks, for the already overloaded data team to respond.

We built Ask ADI to make it easier for non-technical users to access the data they need through natural language questions, while maintaining an organisations governance and security controls. The users no longer need to wait while their data request sits in a never ending queue, they can simply ask a question and serve themselves.

Ask ADI provides a direct path between all business users and their organisations data so anyone, no matter their level of data literacy, can ask questions using natural language. That’s data democratisation at its most magical!

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To get started you simply collect and combine your data in then automagically indexes you data and makes it available to ADI the data chatbot within the App.

Customer Quote

We used to have teams of people creating a myriad of reports to make sure we could answer the questions we were constantly asked by our business users. This took a massive amount of time and effort and we were never able to deliver as fast as our users needed us to.

With our users now just ask the data chatbot their question and ADI the fish gives them the answer. Our team now focusses on making sure the data ADI needs is collected and combined in so its immediately available to answer those questions.

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