Data Mutation Sensor’s data mutation senses and automatically notifies you when your data changes from what is expected.

Summary automatically collects and combines an organisations data on a constant basis. When data in a system of record “mutates” from what is typically expected, users need to be notified so they can investigate if the mutation is due to normal changes in the organisations operation or an unexpected quirk.


The challenge is data can mutate in different ways, and given the volume and variability of the data spotting these mutations can be difficult.

  • The structure of data in the system of record may change.

  • Volumes of collected transactions may change due to a seasonal change in behavior, or it might be due to a quirk where the system of record has become unavailable and therefore data is not been collected during a certain period of time.

  • Reference data (for example Country Codes) may change and your change rules may need to be updated to account for these changes.

Solution uses augmented analytics, to monitor data as it is collected and changed and compares it to what the data has typically looked like in the past. When identifies a significant change in the data behavior it notifies you so you can investigate.

Quote from ADI

You need to be able to trust the data you use to make decisions. So we automatically notify when your data looks funny so you can investigate any issues immediately, rather than waiting until your users tell you the data looks wrong.

And of course when there are no notifications, you know you can trust your data and sleep easy.

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Data mutation sensors are enabled by default as part of To get started you simply subscribe to the data mutation notifications and you will be alerted when an unexpected quirk is identified.

Customer Quote

We used to have a team of platform administrators monitoring and reviewing the data loads and ETL logs in our old data warehouse to identify when data was missing. They were only typically checking data was loaded, they didn’t have time to identify data records that arrived but were wrong.

Now our business analysts just subscribe to the Data Mutation notifications in and investigate any data issues as soon as they are alerted one might exist. This has increased the level of trust our senior leaders have in the data they use tenfold.

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