Public dataΒΆ

Our team of Data Magicians often discover open or public data that can be used to augment your data and help you gain greater insights into your business.

For example it might be a list of known addresses for a country, with relevant Geo codes, which enable you to combine your customers addresses with this data and display your customer data onto a visual map. Or it may be a list of charitable organisations in your country which you can use to combine with your donation data and understand the types of charities your doners are donating to.

We collect this data into a Public AgileData Tenancy and expose the Consume Tiles for this data to your Tenancy, allowing you to easily use the data, without having to collect it yourself. We also regulary update this data as new data becomes available.

We expose some of this data by the way of public dashboards, which you can see on our Website here