Move Data Trust Rules execution Into Core


Moves the calculation of Trust Rules into the AgileData core backend patterns.


We leverage Google Cloud Data Plex to execute the Trust Rules, but this results in the results being stored in Biq Query and this has a cost to query and display in the AgileData App.


Moved the Trust Rules to execute in the AgileData backend and the results is stored in Spanner.

Leverage the Magic

This chnage is invisible to the user, but they should see a performance improvement in the Trist Rules results rendering in the AgileData App.


Whoot! We love iterating our patterns to reduce our costs and ensure we can offer the a data platform at a cost nobody else can.


Yay! We love the fact that AgileData is so cost effective. We have notived the Trust Rules results are returned much faster in the Tile Detail screen as well.