Tenancy Name in Browser Title


The Tenancy name is now shown in the browser title.


When you have multiple browser tabs/windows open with different AgileData tenancy on each tab/window, all the tabs/windows are named AgileData.io and so you can’t tell which /whihc has which tenancy and so you have to page through the tabs/windoes to find the tenancy you want..


Add the Tenancy name to the Browser Title so its easy to see whch Tenancy is open, for example, AgileData.io (Public Data)

Leverage the Magic

The user will see the Tenancy name when they use the browsers tab or window menu option.


Whoot! We love making it easy to go anyhwere form anywhere ans this is another small chnage that makes that easier.


Yay! Saves me time as I can go directly to the teancy I want, rahter than having to tab through all the open windows to find that Tenancy I need to work on.