Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

2023-03-27 - Natural Language (Gherkin) to Describe Change Rule Steps


Creating a Rule in AgileData is easy, but there is no easy way to get a copy of the Rule, outside the export option.

There is no easy way to see the rule in its entirety in the Rule step screen.


Parsing the sql into a natural language using the gherkin pattern to simplify the rule steps for readability

Leverage the Magic

The new gherkin output for each rule shows a simplified description of what the rule is doing, directly in the Rule Step screen.


Whoot!, we are all about the simplification and improvement of the patterns that the platform runs on


Dynamite!, I sometimes don’t understand the logic that is being used in the rule steps, being able to see them represented in a simple natural language pattern has been very useful.

Also I can copy and paste these natural language rules into other documents and systems when ever I need to.