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Table Of Contents

Microsoft Power BI

Connecting Power BI to AgileData Consume

This MagicBook outlines how to connect PowerBI to the Consume area of your AgileData tenancy. By following this MagicBook you will be able to use PowerBI to query and visualise the Consume data which is available to you in AgileData.

The data stored within is physically stored in a database called Google BigQuery. PowerBI can natively connect to the Google BigQuery database with a few simple steps. This MagicBook describes these steps.

Pre Requisites

You will need to have access to the following PowerBI components:

  • PowerBI Desktop

  • PowerBI Service

This MagicBook assumes you have already installed PowerBI Desktop. It also assumes you and have signed up for the PowerBI service and have a valid login for this service.

Connection Steps

The first step is to connect PowerBI Desktop to the AgileData Consume view.

The second step is to publish this connection to PowerBI service.

Connect PowerBI to AgileData Consume View

When you have opened PowerBI Desktop you should see the “Get Data from another source” link:

If the add data option is not visible, using the top menu go to “File > Get data > Get data to get started” menu option:

Once the “Get Data” popup appears, search for “bigquery”. Then select “Google BigQuery” from the list on the right and click the “Connect” button:

If you have not signed in previously you will be promtped with the sign in option. Click the “Sign In” button:

Once you have signed-in you will not need to do it again.

You will be prompted for your username/email address and your password. Enter those details:

You will be asked to confirm the connection, click the “Allow” button:

You will receive confirmaiton you have signedin, click Connect:

You will be shown a list of AgileData Tenancy’s you have access to:

Expand your AgileData Tenancy by clicking on the “>” icon to the left of the Tenancy. Then expand the Consume area using the same icon, and you will see a list of Consume Views you have permission to access:

Tick the selection box for the Consume View you want to connect PowerBI to. Then click the “Load” button:

MagicTip - A preview of the data in the Consume View is available on the right hand side if you click the Consume View.

Select the “DirectQuery” option from the list of options provided and click the “ok” button:

This option means PowerBI reports will always be refreshed with the latest data from AgileData everytime a user accesses the PowerBI report and therefore will always be upto date.

The fields in the Consume view are now displayed on far right:

If you want to see the Consume view in the Power BI model screen click model icon on the left:

You can now create a powerbi report based on this data, using your usual report create approach.

Publish PowerBI Connection to PowerBI Service

If you want other PowerBI report authors to be able to use this connection and create new reports based on the selected AgileData Consume view you will need to publish the connection to the PowerBI service.

The first thing we need to do is to login to the PowerBi Service from within the PowerBI Desktop. To do this click the “Signin” link at the top right of the s cfreen.

A pop up screen will appear asking for your email address. This is the email address you use for Microsoft PowerBI not the one you use for AgileData (but they might be the same)

Enter your email and click the “Continue” button.

A Password prompt will appear, enter your PowerBI password.

If you succesfully login you will be returned to the PowerBI Desktop screen and in the top right of the screen instead of seeing “Signin” you will see your PowerBI user name.

Click the “Publish” option on the menu ribbon.

A pop up screen will show the PowerBI workspaces you have available to you. Select the relevant workspace you want to save this connection into and the click the “Select” button.

You will see a message saying PowerBI is publishing.

And then you will see a success message. Click on the “Got it” button

You can now open PowerBI Service in your browser And then signin using your PowerBI email and password.

You can leave PowerBI Desktop open if you want to create another connection or close it if you have finished with it.

Click on the “Datasets” menu option on the left.

You will see a list of connections to data that are available to you. Click on the Connection you just published from the PowerBI Desktop:

Click on the “Create from scratch” button:

You can now start using data in the report using your typical report creation approach..

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we create a connection to a Consume view without using PowerBI Desktop?

No, at the present time only PowerBI Desktop is able to create a new connection to Google Big Query. But once the connection is published to the PowerBI Service then it can be used without using the PowerBI Desktop.

Do we need the Power BI Gateway to connect to our data?


Can I include multiple Consume Views in a single PowerBI connection?