Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Transferring the AgileData Tenancy Billing

AgileData Deployment / Pricing Patterns

We offer two deployment / pricing patterns for AgileData.

We Do It All

We do all the work for you, we provide the application, the data platform, the infrastructure and the effort.

Think of this as a full Data as a Service (DaaS) model, or alternatively as a white-glove service.

Just The Application

We provide the application, you provide the cloud infrastructure and your analysts provide the effort.

Think of this as a Software as a Service model, but one where our Application is deployed into your infrastructure

For the “We Do It All” pattern it is a magical experience, we do all the work you, just login and start using it.

For the “Just The Application” pattern we provision everything in a magical way, then we work with you to transfer the ownership of the Google Cloud infrastructure to you.

Just The Application Overview

As part of the AgileData agile-tecture we utilise cloud infrastructure provided by Google Cloud. We are what is known as a single cloud solution in that we only operate on Google Cloud. We simply prefer to work with the best!

We have architected our solution to utilise both a multi-tenanted Control Plane and private App and Data Planes.

We strive to make every AgileData experience magical, so we have automated the effort to provision your AgileData tenancy, regardless of the deployment / pricing pattern you prefer, to reduce the effort and complexity you need to deal with.

This removes the need for you to have to deal with setting up accounts, permissions, connections strings, deploying containers or heaven forbid installing software.

Provisioning Your Tenancy

With the Just The Application pattern we automagically provision the entire AgileData Tenancy for you, then we transfer the three Google Cloud projects which underpins the App and Data Planes to your Google billing account.

We will work with you to determine the Google Cloud Project names you prefer to ensure we match any project naming standards you currently use in your Google Cloud environment.

As part of provisioning your AgileData tenancy we create a number of Google Cloud Service Accounts to manage the ongoing operation of your AgileData Solution. These accounts follow the AgileData naming conventions and ensure our DataOps processes can be executed when required.

Transferring Your Tenancy to Your Google Cloud Billing Account

Once your AgileData Tenancy has been provisioned we will work with you to transfer the billing ownership of the three Google Cloud Projects to your billing account.

To do this we follow four simple steps:

  1. We move your three projects to a separate AgileData Transfer Billing Account under our control

  2. We grant your Billing Administrator limited permissions to both the AgileData Transfer Billing Account and the three projects

  3. Your Billing Administrator changes the Billing Account for the three projects to attached them to your Organisation and your Billing Account

  4. We remove your Billing Administrators elevated rights from the AgileData Transfer Billing Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get product updates?

We deploy new features to our App, Data and Control Plane on a regular basis. We will automagically deploy new releases to the App and Data planes that reside within the three Google Cloud projects that are attached to your billing account, without you having to do anything.

Can we mandate the names for the service accounts you provision?

No, we require that these service accounts follow the AgileData naming conventions, so we can manage your Tenancy using the AgileData DataOps patterns.

Can we setup a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for these projects?

Yes, however these projects will need connectivity with the AgileData Control Plane to enable the AgileData Solution to operate.

Do you grant us Project Ownership for the projects.

No, we grant you permissions to the projects for services such as Google Cloud Storage and Google BigQuery, but we do not grant you Project Ownership.

We need to protect our IP and therefore restrict your ability to see our proprietary code.

We also restrict you from using any additional Google Services in those projects, as we do not want new services deployed that may impact the DataOps operations of our product.

The last reason we restrict your permissions is it means we can be sure that any Cloud Billing costs you incur and are a direct result of AgileData, and even though you are responsible for these costs, we are continuously focussed on reducing the cost of operating AgileData. You are able to access any of your data in the AgileData Tenancy by other Google Cloud projects and services under your management.

What will happen if we deny you access to these projects?

Your AgileData App and your Data will become orphaned in your Google Cloud projects. Rules will stop executing, the data will no longer be updated. As part of the AgileData terms and conditions you will be required to delete the AgileData App. Your data will be retained in the Data Plane under your full control, as it is your data.