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2024-04-02 - Allow renaming of physical event tiles until they become active


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2024-04-02


When magicians create event tiles from the topic canvas the physical table name is locked and persisted through into change rules and the target event tile.


Allow the physical table name to change when the alias changes right up until the point the tile has data loaded and becomes active. This lets users create a draft tile, update the name until they’re ready to populate it using a change rule. The change rule will persist the new event tile with the latest name the user has set.

Leverage the Magic

Rename Event tiles at will, right up until the time you run a Chnage Rule to populate it. fter that the Conceptual tile name can be renambed in the App, but the physical table name you query will not.


Jolly good!

Its a start, but we will still need to work on allowing the rename to happen at anytime without breaking everything that relies on it, including last mile tools.



Now my IU can chnage the Event tile name as oftem as I want to.

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