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Table Of Contents

2023-03-27 - View Data Profiles on Shared Tiles


Status: Available

Type: DataOps

Date: 2023-03-27


Because shared tiles don’t live in the Tenancy that they have been shared with, the data profiles are not visible to the viewing Tenancy.


When a tile is shared we automatically capture its profile and metadata in the project that it has been shared with. That way we can treat it as a local tile for all the app features that work with tiles.

Leverage the Magic

Share the remote data profile and column details into the receiving Tenancy so that information is visible.


Voilà!, we love it when we make information visible from anywhere.


Nailed it!, data profiles are visible on Shared Tiles.

Magician Partner

Shared Tiles - when shared tiles are created in a project they automatically get profiled and persisted into the bq_xxxxx spanner tables so they can be used as if they are local.

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