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Table Of Contents

2023-04-11 - Notifications Endpoint Iteration


Status: Available

Type: DataOps

Date: 2023-04-11


The design for notifications includes navigation to other areas of the app, but there are no linking attributes on notifications.


Update the api layer to augment notifications to attach as many cross app links as possible.

Leverage the Magic

Use the three dots icon on a Notification to view a dependent object.


Brumba!, Data Magicians have more actionable options available on each notification.


Crackin’!, I love that I can click on a notification and choose navigation options to take me to any other screen in the AgileData App to get more context.

Magician Partner

Rewrite of notification endpoints to augment the records to include keys for catalog, config, data_quality, and event_logging (to enable navigation from a notification to all screens in the app)

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