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Table Of Contents

2023-07-18 - White Labelling


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-07-18


All the AgileData Tenancies are bound to an AgileData domain.

AgileData Network Partners have asked to have the Tenancies for their customers bound to the Partners domain so it can be seen as White Labelled.


Update all the deployment scripts to include a domain_name attribute to replace the hardcoded “agiledata”

Create new partner config table to hold the customisable attributes like support email addresses, and links to partner documentation etc

Leverage the Magic

A magical feature, no action by Data Magicians required.



Helping our AgileData Network Partners building their data businesses the way they prefer, si what we are all about.



Now we can treat our Customers AgileData Tenancy as White Labelled if we want to.

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