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Table Of Contents

2024-02-28 - Importing Shared Tiles iteration


Status: Preview

Type: App-Features

Date: 2024-02-28


When ADI is importing Shared Tiles, Magicians have to wait until the import finished before control is returned to the App. If its a large amount of data the Magicians screen can be locked up for minutes.


Make the ingestion part of the File Upload process a background process. Magicians can upload the file, then ADI lets Magician know the process will run in the background lets them carry on to whatever they need to do next.

Leverage the Magic

Next time you upload a file, ADI will let you know the process is running in the background.



Now the Magician can multitask.



Now my App screen is no longer locked, and I don’t have to worry about what is going on and if my file upload is working or not.

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