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Table Of Contents

2024-04-02 - Lock Trust Rules on Tiles with AutomatedAI Trust Rules


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2024-04-02


Concepts, Event and Shared Tiles all use AutomatedAI trust rules and ignore any trust rules that are manually assigned to them. There is no feedback that the manual rules will not be executed.


Remove the ability for manual Trust Rules to be assigned to these Tiles.

Leverage the Magic

When you see the ‘Created by ADI’ tag in the Tile Detail Field List area, it lets you know Trust Rules are cretaed automatically and there is nothing for you to do.


Boom! No more issue with Magicans wondering why their manual Trust Rules were not executing on these tiles.



One less manual data task for me to worry about doing.

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Doc Refreshed: 2024-05-21