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Table Of Contents

2024-05-13 - Tile Data Contract Iteration


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2024-05-13


When move from the Prototype Flow to the Designed Flow we need to be able to add a business key and business effective date for the data being collected.


Expose the business key and business effective date on the Tile Detail to show what has been set.

Default any FileDrops to use Current Date as the Business Effective Date.

Leverage the Magic

View the Data Contract settings for a Tile, at the bottom of the Tile Detail Screen.

Update the Change Rule to defined the Business Effective Date based on a date field in the collected data.


Yeah Baby Fish!

One step closer to automagically data contracts.



I can quickly see the Data contract that has been set against a Tile. I want more of this!

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