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Table Of Contents

2023-07-18 - Rules - Magical Tile Rebuild


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-07-18


After a magician has updated a rule, sometimes the target tile needs to be deleted and recreated to pick up a new column or changed logic for an existing column.

Data Magician needs to manually delete the tile for this pattern to work consistently.

This becomes more complex once upstream tiles have started consuming the tile that needs to be rebuilt, as they often need to be rebuilt as well to pick up the change.


Automate the rebuilding of all dependent Tiles, that are affected by a Rule change.

Leverage notifications to let Data Magicians know when a tile will be rebuilt and also tag the config visually with a ‘pending rebuild’ tag to clearly show which tiles will be rebuilt.

Leverage the Magic

After making a change to a Rule, check the Rule List screen and/or the Notification List screen to see what Tiles have been impacted and will be rebuilt on the next Sync.

These Tiles will be automagically rebuilt, you don’t need to do anything else.



Leverage the existing “blast radius” pattern and a new “pending_rebuild” flag on the config means we can automate when we want to automatically rebuild a target tile to pickup a destructive config change.

This is the power of adopting a Config driven architecture pattern.



Now I can easily see the impact I am about to make after iterating a Change Rule.

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