Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

2023-12-06 - Change Rules Screen


Status: Available

Type: Bug-Squash

Date: 2023-12-06


During the testing of the redesigned change rule screen a number of bugs were picked up: - history effective dates need to be cast to timestamp when the source data is not already a timestamp -landing tile rules need the ability for the user to use the attributes dropdown for setting effective date -consume view as source may not always contain a row_key which is needed for upstream rules


Work through all the use case scenarios, the combinations of areas, tile types, rule types etc to test the new layouts and check for invalid or outdated jinja templates

Leverage the Magic

We leverage a number of testing patterns that allow us to re-validate all the published rules and check for issues - ie rules that previously compiled that would be invalidated by any changes or new rule features

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