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Table Of Contents

2023-11-10 - Notifications - Error and Success History Graph


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-11-10


It would be useful to be able to see the history of the previous data loads without having to drill down into the notification.


Add two new graph types to the notification rows.

For a successful load notification show the single bar anomaly graph, so you can easily see if the load was within the normal bounds.

For an error notifications show a history bar chart, so you can see if this is the first time you have seen that error for that tile, or if its a recurring problem.

Leverage the Magic

View the Notifications list in the Notifications screen and for every Tile Load notification the graph will be magically there.



We are all about removing the number of clicks to get the information you need.



Now I can see if the successful loads are normal at a glance. And if there is a problem I love how I can easily see if its a new problem or an ongoing problem, without having to click to see the notification details.

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