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Table Of Contents

2024-02-28 - Augment Event Change Rules natural language to show driving concept


Status: Preview

Type: App-Features

Date: 2024-02-28


The existing natural language for Event Change Rules doesn’t make it clear which Concept is the Driving Concept for the Event. This is important, as the Driving Concept is essentially defining the grain of the Event.


Update the gherkin displayed to show the driving concept, for example:

[GIVEN] the bigquery-public-data.thelook_ecommerce.orders input tile [AND] a driving concept of ecommerce_shipment_key … [THEN] populate the order_shipment_user event tile

Leverage the Magic

You will now see the Driving Concept explicitly stated in the Natural Rule text area for a Change Rule that has a THEN of an Event Tile.



This will make it some much easier to troubleshoot the grain of an Event.



Now I get it, a specific Concept drives what is defined as an Event. For example an Event for each unique Order vs an Event for each unique Order Status change.

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