Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents


Connecting ThoughtSpot to AgileData Consume

This MagicBook outlines how to connect ThoughtSpot to the Consume area of your AgileData tenancy. By following this MagicBook you will be able to use ThoughtSpot to query and visualise the Consume data which is available to you in AgileData.

The data stored within is physically stored in a database called Google BigQuery. ThoughtSpot can natively connect to the Google BigQuery database with a few simple steps. This MagicBook describes these steps.

Pre Requisites

You will need to have access to the following ThoughSpot components:

  • ThoughtSpot Cloud

    This MagicBook assumes you have signed up for the ThoughtSpot service and have a valid login for this service.

  • AgileData connection details

    Contact your AgileData team and ask for your Project Id and Service Account information to be used to connect ThoughSpot to your data.

Connection Steps

The first stage is to connect ThoughtSpot to the AgileData Consume view.

There is an optional stage to configure the ThoughSpot semantic layer (Worksheets).

Connect ThoughtSpot to AgileData Consume View

Step 1

Once you have logged on to the ThoughtSpot cloud service, navigate to the Data screen.

Step 2

Then navigate to the Connections tab.

Step 3

Click the Add connection button.

Step 4

Name your connection and select the Google Bigquery tile. Click the Continue button.

Step 5

Enter the Project Id and the Service Account information you have received from AgileData.

If you do not have this information get in touch with your magical AgileData team and ask for your Project Id and Service Account information to be used to connect ThoughSpot to your data.

Click the Continue button.

If your connection details were correct you will see a screen with your Consume views displayed.

Step 6

Click on the Consume view you want to query and select all the fields.

Step 7

Then click Create Connection.

Step 8

Click confirm in the pop up modal.

ThoughtSpot will now connect to your AgileData. Under the covers ThoughtSpot is doing some clever things to index and classify your data, so it may take a few seconds to perform this step depending on the volume and complexity of your data.

Step 10

Once ThoughtSpot has finished its clever work, you will be presented with your Consume views.

Step 11

Click on the Consume view to see the fields ThoughtSpot has found and the different options ThoughtSpot has defaulted for each field. You can update these options following good ThoughtSpot practices.

Step 12

Click the Data Samples Tab to see a sample of your data from AgileData

Step 13

Lucky last step is to use ThoughSpot to ask questions of your data and get answers.

Frequently Asked Questions