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Table Of Contents

2023-04-11 - Share bigquery-public datasets in other Tenancies


Status: Available

Type: DataOps

Date: 2023-04-11


Importing public tiles into a Tenancy was a manual process.


Leverage the exisitng pattern that imports shared tiles to import shared tiles from the Public Tenancy.

Leverage the Magic

Data Magicians can just select a public tile from a list and that tile is imported into their own Tenancy.


Whoot!, we are opening up access to all the useful public data we are collating.


Yippe!, to be able to blend publically shared data with my own is brilliant!

Magician Partner

Merge the existing import bigquery-public dataset feature (for importing public tiles into a project) with the existing shared_projects tenancy feature (pattern used to recieve shared objects), now any public datasets/tables can be referenced and imported

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