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Table Of Contents

2024-02-28 - Consume Tiles Effective Date


Status: Preview

Type: App-Features

Date: 2024-02-28


Currently Consumes based on a Concept will show the Concept effective date which is misleading as its the first date we see the key, not the effective date of the Details that make up the Consume.

Consumes based on Events, use the Event effective date which is correct as it reflects the Event that created the Consume row.


Update the Automagically Consume template for Concepts to apply a new pattern. The pattern will use the greatest effective date of the Details that are related to that Concept, that way users see that the Consume records show the currency of the data they are made up of

Leverage the Magic

A small change to our autogenerated consume pattern to include ‘greatest(…list of detail effective dates) as effective_date’, instead of the original ‘concept effective date as effective_date’

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Doc Refreshed: 2024-03-03