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Table Of Contents

2023-09-18 - Collect - Update Landing Tile Schema


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-09-18


When Data Magicians want to add a new column to a landing tile, or change the data type of data loading from dropped files it is challenging and involves manual steps to copy data, update schema files, drop tables, update rules.

It is far from a simple or magical experience.


Add two new task flows in the AgileData App to automate the resbuild of the Schema portion of the Data Contract Landing Tiles.

Leverage the Magic

We added two new task flows in the AgileData App.

We added a “Rebuild Landing Tile” menu option for Landing Tiles, which sets up for user to drop a new file (with new columns/data types etc)


An “Update Schema” button on Tile Detail to automatically create and drop the new schema based on the users updates to existing schema.

Both options follow a similar path, archiving existing objects (schema file and affected tiles and tables).



More manual steps removed, but we think we will need to iterate these flows a little more before we reach true magical simplicity for managing these complex changes.



Less Manual steps to manage schema changes in the data I have started collecting, sign me up for that time and effort saving!

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