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2024-02-28 - Initial source data guess for rule screen


Status: Preview

Type: DataOps

Date: 2024-02-28


When users create new change rules, we validate them using the change data template, which might not be applicable as the source data might be event data.

It’s not until users publish the rule that we invoke the logic to profile the source and identify whether its slowly changing data or a series of events (event data), at that point we rebuild the config using the applicable load templates.

The problem with this approach is that there are occasions where the users rules wont validate because we are applying the wrong type of load template.


Deploy a helper function into the api layer which basically does a quick parse of the source data in the rule and makes a guess of change or event data, we then use this initial guess to choose the load templates that the users rules gets mapped into (and validated).

We then do a proper check when the rule is published.

Leverage the Magic

We leverage our python api layer and a cutdown version of our target config pattern to quickly identify the type of data flowing through the rules template

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