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Table Of Contents

2024-05-13 - sla misses - take 2


Status: Available

Type: DataOps

Date: 2024-05-13


Because the SLA pattern for each tile is automatic - once a tile starts loading we calculate an SLA and start checking that SLA each day, if a user is only prototyping a tile, laods it a few times then leaves it, they start getting SLA warnings in slack and the notifications screen.


We now wait for 10 loads before setting an sla on a tile to basically ignore prototyping, and we silence the sla slack alerts after 7 days, and just display a warning icon next to the last refreshed date on the tile to indicate that the data is now stale (based on the sla), users can then decide to take appropriate action:

They can open the data contract and turn off the SLA for the tile, or they can address why the tile is not loading.

It may be valid that the data is only refreshed a few times then never updated again - ie reference data, in that case the user just turns off sla checks for that tile.

Leverage the Magic

A combination of logic tweaks, and visual cues on the state of a tiles freshness to quieten sla warnings and fine tune when and how we present them to users.

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