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2023-09-18 - Catalog - Reuse tile profile payload for field profile


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-09-18


When data is collected into the AgileData Platform we automagically create data profiles for history tiles.

And we automatically reprofile the data on a weekly basis.

The profile data was used for autogenerate rules, or for the magician to analyse the data to add context for rule creation.

We need to extend the use of that profile data to augment the new Field Details feature in the Catalog Tile Details screens.


Change the frequency for profiling data and make a subset of the profile data available in the Catalog Tile Details screen in the Field List area.

Leverage the Magic

Check out the Field List area in the Catalog Tile Detail screen for a tile.

Expand the area into the full screen modal and you will see min and max values for each field, which is populated from the data profiling.



We love to provide more context on the data to help get the data work done.



The more data profiling results I can see, the better use of the data I can make.

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