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Table Of Contents

2023-12-15 - Track n Trace


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-12-15


When we are troubleshooting Change Rules and the flow of data, it’s useful to be able to track a single known value through all the Tiles. At the moment the Magicians have to do this manually, jumping through multiple screens to track and trace this data.


Create a new api that takes a Tile name and a Data Value to search for, and let the Magician invoke this from any Tile.

Return the upstream Tiles with the number of matches found in each Tile for that data value.

Leverage the Magic

In the Catalog screen click on the Menu Anywhere option on a tile (3 dots) . ADI will ask you what Data Value you want to track and trace and then she will go and find all the relevant tiles for you.



Leveraging our config driven metadata means we hold the lineage for every data flow, so we can leverage this to automate what used to be manual tasks.



I can trace data values as easily as I can track and trace my courier parcel. And it seems to be more accurate!

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