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Table Of Contents

2023-04-11 - Cross Tenancy AutoSync for Shared Consume Tiles


Status: Available

Type: DataOps

Date: 2023-04-11


Shared Consume Tiles don’t notify other Tenancies when they are updated. This means they do not automatically invoke the dependent rules in the Tenancy that is consuming the Shared Consume Tiles.


Change the cross tenancy pubsub pattern to trigger running of dependent rules when a Consume Tile is updated in the sharing Tenancy.

Leverage the Magic

This pattern runs behind the curtain to notify Tenancies when a Shared Consume Tile they are consuming is updated.

You can set the Shared Consume Tile to CustomSync if you want to control when the dependent Rules are invoked.


Stupendous!, even more data is dynamically updated without the Magicians having to do anything.


Bazinga!, data is immediately upto date, regardless of who creates it.

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