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Table Of Contents

2022-12-14 - JSON New Line Auto Converter for Uploaded Files


Status: Available

Type: DataOps

Date: 2022-12-14


When a Data Magician uploads a JSON file that is not delimited with New Lines, the import of that data into the History tile would fail.

The capability that imports the JSON data into the underlying BigQuery table cannot handle JSON files that are delimited via New Lines.


When ADI detects a JSON file that is not New Line delimited, an automatic converter is run to add the New Line delimiters and the file is re-submitted for import.

Leverage the Magic

Once a JSON file is uploaded ADI will attempt to import it. If it fails an error will be displayed in Notifications, the file will be automagically converted to add the New Line delimiters and the file automagically resubmitted for import. A second notification will be displayed once the file had been successfully converted.


Whoot!, its great to add another type of file we can automagically collect into the AgileData Product.


Yay! no more having to use a file editor to convert the New Line JSON files, before I use the file upload capability in the AgileData App.

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