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2023-09-18 - New system trust rule - future effective date


Status: Available

Type: DataOps

Date: 2023-09-18


If a user loads a file with future effective dates for records then those records wont update again until that date has passed.


Allow users to upload data with future effective dates but run a trust rule automatically to alert if they do

Leverage the Magic

Extend our trust(y) rules pattern and add another system trust rule that is executed everytime when a tile is refreshed

Magician Partner

New jinja pattern for future effective dates:

{%- elif rule_id in [‘FUTURE_DATE’] -%}

/* === FUTURE_DATE === */

WHERE effective_date >= ‘{{source_partition}}’

{% if ‘consume.’ not in table_id %}

AND expiry_date IS NULL

{% endif %}

AND date({{column_id}}) > date_add(current_date, interval 1 day) /* == FUTURE_DATE == */

{% endif %}

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