Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Business Details

Business Details holds data that describes or provide context for the Concepts your organisation uses to describe things that are involved in business transactions facilitated by your organisation.

Examples are:

  • Customers have details such as name, address;

  • Products have details such as name, SKU, price;

  • Orders have details such as order date, quantity, order value.

Another way of identifying Business Details, is looking for the things the Organisation regularly wants to view counts and amounts by. For example:

  • How many gold Customers do we have?

  • How many large Products did we sell?

  • What is the total value of the Orders for this month?

  • What Suppliers have not Shipped on-time this month?

  • Which Employee has taken more than 5 days Annual Leave this month.

Business Detail Patterns is very flexible and allows you to name your Concepts, Details and Events in any way that makes sense to you or your organisation. Here are some common patterns we have seen.

  • Dealing with address data address-pattern