Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Change Rules - Defining Concepts

You can use changes rules to enter the logic you need to define a core business concept within AgileData.

They use the standard AgileData Natural Language Rules format to change data and populate it into a Concept.

Concept Rules Use Cases

Simple Concept Rules

A simple concept rule is one where the unique concept is derived from a single field in a history table.

Given a ….

And …..

Then ….

Complex Concept Rules

There are a number of use cases where the rule to populate a concept may be more complex than the simple use case

Multiple history fields

When you need to select multiple history fields to determine a unique identifier for a concept due to the history table holding ???

Given a ….. Single Table Relationship… Then …

Multiple system of record sources for a single concept

Often the concept, for example Customer, will be evident in multiple systems of record, for example a operational system, a CRM, or a financial system.

In this use case there are a number of options on how you define and populate your customer concepts