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Table Of Contents

2023-09-18 - Rules - Run Trust Rules on Edit


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-09-18


When a user creates new trust rules, they often want to run the new Trust Rule immediately to validate the existing data in the Tile can be trusted.

Currently Trust Rules are only run when new data is collected into the Tile.


When a new Trust Rule is created or an existing Trust Rule is edited, ADI pops out to ask the user if they want to run the new Trust Rule now.

If yes, then the Trust Rules for that tile are executed.

Leverage the Magic

When editing Trust Rules ADI will ask if you want to run them now..

Say yes if you want to run them now.

Otherwise they will run the next time data is collected into that Tile.



We love put more power into the hands of Data Magicians.



I love the fact I can run Trust Rules when I create them to get feedback on the data in the tile straight away.

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