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Table Of Contents

2023-09-18 - Collect - Sharing Tiles and Synching Shared Tiles


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-09-18


Tile sharing between AgileData Tenancies and linking to Public Tiles is a manual and technical task and can’t be done directly in the AgileData App by the Data Magician.


By adding a sharing key for each Tenancy, Data Magicians can share tiles with another Tenancy once they know the receiving Tenancies sharing key.

Permissions are automatically applied, then the receiving Tenancy just needs to use the ‘Sync Shared Tiles’ feature to link the tiles into their Tenancy.

At the same time we moved the ‘shared public datasets’ feature out of the tenancy page and into the shared tiles page so users can search for and link to any google public datasets, that they can then consume as if its a local tile.

Leverage the Magic

If you want to use a Shared Tile, you need to provide the Sharing Tenancy with your Sharing API Key.

They can then add your Sharing Key to the Tile they want to share with you.

Once they have added your Sharing Key to a Tile, then you refresh the Shared Tiles in your Tenancy and their Tile will magically appear in the Shared Tile screen.

ADI guides both processes which makes it even simpler!



No more manual effort creating shared tiles on behalf of Partners and Customers, not they can share Tiles themselves.


High five!

Now we can share tiles with other tenancies ourselves, it’s a great feature for providing a Data Clean Room solution.

Plus I love the way the Tenancy that owns the Tile, has full control on whether it is shared or not!

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