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Table Of Contents

2023-11-10 - Ask ADI - Vertex AI Iteration


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-11-10


The “Ask ADI” pattern uses OpenAI’s ChaptGPT models to provide a text-to-sql capability for users to ask questions about tiles. This results in the tile metadata being sent outside the AgileData Google Cloud ecosystem.

We want to bring that capability back inside the google ecosystem so as soon as Vertex AI releases its “Bison” LLM, we should switch Ask ADI over to leverage it


Replace the use of the OpenAI endpoint with a call to the Google Cloud Vertex AI endpoint.

When we tested the ChatGPT responses compared to the Vertex responses, we found they returned a very similar response.

Leverage the Magic

Continue to use Ask ADI just like you have been.

You can read more about Vertex AI:


Jolly good!

We love the way we can leverage so many services from Google Cloud to keep customers data safe and deliver Innovation and Data as a Service at a price point that is magical.



Ask ADI does what she always does, and I’m glad my data is being kept safe.

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