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Table Of Contents

2023-03-27 - Enable Secure Communication Across Tenancies


Status: Available

Type: DataOps

Date: 2023-03-27


By default tenancies can’t communicate with each other because the security architecture prevents it.


Allow tenancies to send secure messages to other tenancies to enable features like tile sharing while maintaining tenancy security.

Leverage the Magic

Leverage secure pubsub messaging between tenancies to allow Tenancies that are sharing data to send a message to the Tenancy they’re sharing it with.


Epic!, cross tenancy secure communication can be used for multiple use cases going forward.


Kudos!, being notified when a shared tile is refreshed is useful so I can see that my reporting data is all current, even when the data is coming from another tenancy

Magician Partner

Autosync across tenancies - pattern updated to use the IAM client (was manual previously) when tenancy features are updated to allow pubsub messages between projects (eg tile loaded)

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