Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Google BigQuery

The AgileData Platform and AgileData App is built to run natively using Google Cloud infrastructure.

As part of our AgileData Platform architecture and our data architecture we make extensive use of Google BigQuery.

What is Google BigQuery

BigQuery is a fully managed enterprise cloud analytics database that helps manage and analyze data with built-in features like machine learning and geospatial analysis.

BigQuery’s serverless architecture lets organisations build data warehouses and use SQL queries against those data warehouses to answer their biggest questions with zero infrastructure management.

BigQuery’s scalable, distributed analysis engine allows the querying of terabytes of data in seconds and petabytes in minutes.

BigQuery’s architecture consists of two parts:

  • a storage layer that ingests, stores, and optimizes data

  • a compute layer that provides analytics capabilities.

These compute and storage layers efficiently operate independently of each other thanks to Google’s petabit-scale network that enables the necessary communication between them.

Common Questions

How is Google BigQuery Provisioned?

When we provision an AgileData Tenancy for a customer, we automagically provision the Google BigQuery instances that are required.

No customer effort is required to provision Google BigQuery, we take care of all that effort.

How does Google BigQuery Cost?

The cost of Google BigQuery, including all storage and compute costs is covered as part of your AgileData subscription fee.