Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Fair Use Policy

Why do we have a fair use policy?

At AgileData, we aim to deliver a magical and cost-effective data management solution to our Partners and their Customers. We have designed a simple subscription-based pricing model, dubbed ‘T-shirt sizing,’ which is anchored on the volume of data stored in the History Layer.

As part of this simplified pricing model AgileData covers the ongoing costs of underlying resources including Google Cloud Storage and Computational costs, ensuring Partners and their Customers have confidence in the amount they will be billed.

Our pricing structure has been crafted through experience gained operating the AgileData Platform for multiple customers with diverse data management needs. We are confident that our pricing reflects a reasonable usage profile for a typical customer, ensuring that they receive exceptional value while we maintain a profitable business model.

However, we acknowledge the existence of edge cases - scenarios where the data usage significantly surpasses the standard threshold as delineated in our subscription tiers. It’s in light of this reality that we have instituted a Fair Use Policy. This policy sets a clear boundary on the data usage under each subscription tier.

Should a Partner or Customer exceed this limit, it triggers a necessary dialogue to review the usage pattern and possibly adjust the subscription to a tier that better suits their data usage. This way, we can amicably address any over-usage, ensuring that it aligns with the cost and resource allocation while also safeguarding our ability to continue offering competitive prices and magical service.

The Fair Use Policy is not just about setting limits but fostering a culture of fairness and responsibility. It’s about ensuring that our service remains reliable, accessible and performant to all our Partners and their Customers, while also allowing us to maintain a profitable business. By having a Fair Use Policy in place, we can better manage our resources, optimise our cloud infrastructure , and continue to provide a magical service at a reasonable cost, which in the long run, benefits all stakeholders involved in the AgileData Network.

In essence, our Fair Use Policy is a pivotal aspect of maintaining a balanced and equitable data platform, which is crucial for the mutual success of both AgileData and our valued Partners and Customers.

Fair Use Limits

Compute Limit:

Each 100GB subscription comes with a compute limit of 10TB of data queried. This encompasses all compute activities on the platform including data collection, data transformation, and data consumption.

Storage Limit:

Each 100GB subscription is limited to 100GB of data storage in the History Layer. There are no limits on the storage in other data layers of the AgileData Platform. All data must be processed through the History layer.

API Limitations:

Currently, there are no restrictions on the number of API calls.

Query Limitations:

Currently, there are no restrictions on the frequency of queries.

User Limitations:

Currently, there are no restrictions on the number of users who can access the AgileData App or AgileData Platform.

Review and Modification of the Policy

At AgileData, we are committed to maintaining a fair operational environment for all our Partners and Customers. This commitment necessitates a periodic review and potential modification of our Fair Use Policy to ensure it continues to balance the interests of all stakeholders fairly.

Our policy review process is informed by several factors, including but not limited to, changes in data processing costs, technological advancements, feedback from our Partners and Customers, as well as our operational experience over time.

This holistic approach ensures that our policy remains relevant and fair.

Any modifications to the Fair Use Policy will be communicated to our Partners well in advance to ensure they are adequately informed and prepared for any changes. We also welcome feedback during the review process to ensure that the policy continues to meet the needs of our Partners and their Customers, while ensuring the sustainability and reliability of the AgileData App, AgileData Platform, AgileData way of Working, AgileData Network and the AgileData Business.