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Table Of Contents

2023-08-10 - Upgrade Python for websockets, apis and cloud functions


Status: Available

Type: DataOps

Date: 2023-08-10


We had been running with fixed versions of Jinja (2.11) and Google Spanner client due to a breaking change in the way the spanner client returns json payloads.


It was a relatively simple update to the deployed code to handle the new payload from Spanner. The three python layers: cloud functions, apis, and websockets were all upgraded to the latest client libraries, tested, and re-deployed on python311 instances.

Leverage the Magic

Because we leverage a standard pattern to query_spanner(query) => results, it was a simple matter to update one function in each layer that returns the results from spanner and re-deploy.

Magician Partner

Upgrade all the python deployments to 3.11 before the legacy 3.7 functions go out of support in 2024

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