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2023-03-27 - Rules - Autogenerate draft filedrop wildcard rule


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-03-27


To load a subsequent file into a history tile that already exists, the filedrop pattern relies on a rule existing to map the File to the Landing area. This rule enables ongoing file loads into the same target tile.

This rule has to be manually created.


Automagically create a draft of the File to Landing rule when a file is dropped. This rule can then be published if desired.

Leverage the Magic

The draft File to Landing rule is created in the Rules area. If you want to enable it, review the rule then publish it.

If the rule is left in draft all new files will be treated as a one off.

The draft Rule is set with a wildcard at the end of the file name, for example filename%. This maps any files starting with filename to this rule, for example filename-2023-01-01.



Data Magicians used to have to remember to create the Filedrop wildcard rule each time they uploaded a file, if they wanted to make it a repeatable data load. And each rule took a minute to create. Now the Rule is automagically created for them, saving time.



Dropping our data files each day and having them magically refresh our Tiles is fantastic.

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