Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Catalog - Tile Detail - Topic Tags

For this ‘How to’ guide we will learn how to tag a catalog tile with a Topic. Topics are a great way of grouping all your tiles together and make finding them in the future much easier. Once a tile has been tagged with relevant topics they will be grouped together on the catalog page, where you will be able to scroll through to find the tile you need.

Add a Topic

To add a topic, click on the pencil icon on the tile.

Below the name of the tile there will be a + icon, click on it

and type in the name of the topic you want to assign. The topic can already exist or you can enter in a new topic name. Once you are done click ‘add topic’.

Remove a Topic

To remove a topic, again click on the pencil icon.

To the right side of the topic you wish to remove there is an ‘x’ click that and the topic will be removed. The tile will no longer be grouped for that topic on the catalog page.

Using Topics

In the catalog page tile are initially displayed in rows which are grouped by the area they belong to (Consume, Event, Concept etc). They are then displayed in rows which are grouped by the topics they have been assigned to. A tile that has multiple topics assigned will be displayed in the catalog multiple times, once for its relevant area row and then again in each relevant topic row.

To find the tiles that you have grouped together scroll through the catalog page until you find your desired topic. From there you can scroll through the various tiles using the arrows on the left or right of the row.

Also whilst in the catalog page you can click on a topic in a tile and it will take you to a page with all the tiles assigned that topic.