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2023-02-21 - Consumer Last Access Date


Status: Available

Type: DataOps

Date: 2023-02-21


We have visibility on when a Data Magician last accessed the AgileData App, but we had no visibility on when a Consumer last access the data in AgileData via a last mile tool.


Add the last accessed date into the Manage > Members screen. This date is populated from the usage logs with the last date the Consumer queried the data, regardless of what tool they used to query it (assuming they are querying it with their individual account and not a service account or via an API key). The date is refreshed once a day at 6:40am.

Leverage the Magic

View the Manage > Members screen.


Whoot! The last accessed feature leverages the AgileData Audit Lake pattern to populate both the Manager > Members screen as well as the Top Query Consumer in the Catalog Detail screen for each tile.


Yay! We can quickly see who is actively accessing the data and who isn’t.

Last Refreshed

Doc Refreshed: 2024-05-20