Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Setting up an AgileData Tenancy

Your AgileData Tenancy

AgileData provides a private Tenancy for each of our customers. This means we keep your AgileData App and the data you collect, combine and consume in AgileData separated from other customers data.

We love to remove complexity, so your AgileData Tenancy is automagically be provisioned for you.

Your AgileData Network Partner will invite you to access your private Tenancy. You will receive your invite via an email from ADI.

Accessing your AgileData Tenancy

A user is required to login before they can access the AgileData App or consume any of the data stored in AgileData. AgileData uses Google Accounts as the mechanism to allow users to login.

If you don’t currently have a Google Account to use with AgileData, it is a simple process to create one.

Read how to create a Google Account

Once you have your Google Account then you can magically access the AgileData App.

Read how to access the AgileData App