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2023-11-10 - Collect - Google Sheets as shared tiles


Status: Available

Type: App-Features

Date: 2023-11-10


Users often have data stored in external google sheets, for example lookup data, or data they manually update.

There are a few manual steps required to collect that important data into the AgileData Platform so it can be transformed and Consumed.


Extended the existing ‘shared tiles’ data collector, to enable users to share their google sheets with their AgileData Tenancy.

The Google Sheets appear as shared tiles that can be previewed and used in rule steps just like any other tile.

Leverage the Magic

Use the new Google Sheets data collection process to sync your Google Sheets into the AgileData Platform.



We love adding new easy ways to get data into the AgileData Platform.



That new data collection pattern saved me time and frustration everytime I needed to get the latest data from my Google Sheets into my AgileData Tenancy.

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