Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Data Service Levels

Data can be populated based on different data service levels.

Data service levels can be set for:

  • Data collection

  • Population of history data

  • Concepts

  • Details

  • Events

  • Consume views

Data Collection

History Data

Change Rules

Concept Rules

Detail Rules

Detail rules can populate data using a different data service level to the concept rule.

Independent Calculated Details

Dependent Calculated Details

For example profit, where Revenue and Expenses are related to seperate Concepts or the data is being acquired from different systems of record that are populating history data based on differing data service levels.

Time Specific Calculated Details

For example end of day balances.

Event Rules

Calculated Detail Rules

Single View Concept Rules

Golden Record Concept Rules

Golden record concept rules are dependent on all previous concept rules.

So they will execute when the data in the dependent concept rules are at the same [>>>] timestamp [>>>]

Consume Views